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Buying Your Home

Create Your Roadmap

The best approach to buying your home is to create your unique roadmap, especially if you're a first-time homebuyer - and the answers to these key questions will help us do just that:


  • Why are you buying a home?

  • What are your non-negotiables (needs vs. wants)?

  • Where are your neighborhoods of interest?

  • When is your target move-in date?


You may not have the answer to some of these questions right away, and that’s okay. We can set up a time to chat and talk through your goals, or explore the market together so you get an idea what type of home makes sense for you.


Once we have those key answers and you're ready to get the ball rolling, we’ll get you preapproved with one of our trusted lenders and create a crystal-clear roadmap for your goals.

Pro tip: the clearer your "needs vs. wants" are, the sooner you can place an offer when the right home comes along!


Quick Glimpse Into The Buying Process

Urban Road

Everyone's buying process is different, but this is generally how it goes:

  • We solidify your real estate needs and timeline.

  • We connect you with a lender for preapproval.

  • We tour a few homes in your neighborhood(s) of interest.

  • We look at comparables in the area to offer the right price.

  • We negotiate the contract and ensure all the necessary paperwork makes sense (especially for co-ops).

  • We stay organized and on top of underwriting until we're cleared to close.

  • Closing time!


Have questions? Don't know where to begin?

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