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“Are you saying I can just walk into an open house even if I’m not ready to buy a property now?” Yes!

You can spend hours online looking at property through photos (maybe some in poor quality), 3D tours, and live videos – neither of these options beat the traditional method of viewing property: the open house!

If being a buyer is in the cards for you, attending open houses is a great opportunity for you to get a head start on your needs and next steps. Here are a few reasons why.

Learn your needs.

It can get overwhelming to think about what you may be looking for in a property. Touring open houses are a great way to learn about your needs.

Maybe you already have a list of features in mind, which is a great start! But, keep in mind, you may not find everything on your list in one property. Checking out open houses can help you redefine your list of needs to what's realistic.

Get comfortable looking at the inventory.

Only looking at listings online can prevent you from taking the next step because there are so many options out there. Ever heard of analysis by paralysis?

Although you may not be ready to buy, going to a couple open houses will get you more comfortable with the buying process. By the time you are ready to buy you won't feel uncertainty of "is this the one?" when you stumble upon a property that checks off all your needs -- and you can easily give your real estate agent the green light to place an offer quickly!

Understand the market in your neighborhood of interest(s).

Open houses are excellent opportunities to get to know your neighborhood of interests. You'll be able to see what certain properties are selling for and what you can buy at your price point.

If you’re unsure what neighborhoods you may want to live in, open houses also give you a chance to explore them all.

Are you excited for open houses yet? Before you get going, it’s important to understand how they work. If you want to know how to be a good open house attendee, see my 8 Open House Etiquette Tips.


Let's go to open houses together!

Do any of our listings catch your attention?

If not, let me know what neighborhoods you're curious about and we can see what open houses are available!

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