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Selling Your Home

Take the first step

Why are you thinking about selling? Oftentimes homeowners don't think about the answer to this question, which is actually a valuable stepping-stone in the selling process.


Knowing your "why" provides two things: a sense of direction, and a timeline to work with. This is especially important if you need to sell first in order to buy your new home.

Need to sell your home for top dollar? We'll see what repairs and/or staging needs to be taken care of first before putting your home on the market.


Have no time to waste? We'll find the right price for your home so you still get the most value while finding a buyer as quickly as possible.


There are many other steps along the way, like making sure the property is show-ready, setting up appointments, staying on top of offers, etc. A real estate agent you trust can take care of all the heavy lifting.

Pro tip: If you have done major renovation to your home, gather all receipts and warranties so you can streamline the process in determining your home's value.

Let's get started.

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Quick Glimpse Into The Selling Process

The process will vary, but this is generally how it goes:

  • We solidify your real estate needs and timeline.

  • We assess the value of the property based on similar properties in the market.

  • We prep the property for the real estate market (photography, staging, etc.).

  • We accommodate showings and questions.

  • We take care of inspection concerns, if any.

  • We negotiate the contract and ensure all the necessary paperwork makes sense (especially for co-ops).

  • We stay on top of buyer's underwriting timeline.

  • Closing time!


Have any questions about my services?

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